Keep the heid and read!

To celebrate the power of reading, libraries and good mental health, we were asked to pledge SIX minutes on Wednesday 11th May 2022 and devote it to reading.

Why? Because taking some time for yourself to relax and do things you enjoy like reading is important to help look after your mental health and wellbeing.

It has been scientifically proven that reading for just SIX minutes a day boosts your mental health by 68%.

P6/7 decided to challenge themselves to 36 minutes of reading for pleasure. It was a lovely way to end the day!

Visit from GUHS HT & Guidance Teachers

On Wednesday morning, the P7s had three important visitors: Mrs Nelson, Mr Humphris and Ms Rees from GUHS. Mrs Nelson is HT at GUHS, and Mr Humphris and Ms Rees are Guidance Teachers. They explained their roles and answered lots and lots of questions from the P7s.

They would encourage P7s to share any further questions that come to mind in the coming days their Transition Google Classroom.

P7s at Fairburn

On Monday (9th May) the P7s had a great first day at Fairburn.

In the morning the P7s worked in two teams, the lions and tigers, and each had a go at archery with Bea or “B” and orienteering with Finlay.

In archery, Bea taught us how to correctly hold the bow and fire arrows. Everyone started to improve with practise. We then had to “bake a cake” by aiming for specific colours. This meant we had to think about how to adjust our aim. We also played a game about where we’d go on our holidays, who we’d go with, and what activities we’d do there. Miss Mullin was delighted to be going on holiday with 4 pupils. They were not so impressed! Our last archery activity was a competition – we had to add up our scores over 2 or 3 rounds.

When we did orienteering, Finlay showed us how to orientate our maps using significant features of the landscape around us. We worked in teams and had 13 points to find and stamp our score sheets with. This was a very challenging activity but the teams showed great perseverance, some trying 3 or 4 times to find a specific point.

After devouring our hearty packed lunches, we spent the afternoon learning how to build survival shelters. The most effective ones were where the team had used the natural features of the landscape to their advantage, saving them energy in building the shelter. You can see the shelters taking shape as you go through the photos. After touring each others’ shelters, we finished the day learning about the “fire triangle” and tried a bit of fire lighting!

On the bus on the way home, we sang songs and tried the fruit pastille challenge!

There are more photos to look at in this blog post:

Equivalent Fractions

P6/7 have been learning about equivalent fractions and took their learning outside to create sets of equivalent fractions with a partner.

Last week they played several board games to practise identifying equivalent fractions. They have selected some of these games to play with their parents at the forthcoming open afternoon!

A Fond Farewell

Last Thursday (28th April) P6/7 presented Mrs Woodhouse with a handmade card and box of chocolates to mark their last ever PE lesson with her. Mrs Woodhouse has taught PE in the primary school for many years and will be very much missed throughout the school. She has also been a key figure in the P7-S1 transition process and has reassured and entertained the P7s during their transition Google Meets this year.

Goodbye and Good Luck Mrs Woodhouse – we will miss you!

We received a lovely email from Mrs Woodhouse on Friday 6th May.

“Good morning

I just wanted to take some time on my last day to say thankyou for my chocolates and my card. I will treasure the card and I have already scoffed the chocolates.

I hope the rest of the term goes well and those going up to the high school have a great time

Kind regards

Rosemary Woodhouse”

World War Two

Pupils have been fascinated to learn about each other’s relatives and their involvement in World War Two.

Last week, one pupil brought in some very precious artefacts belonging to his family, including photos, medals and a mention in despatches. His Great Grandad served in the RAF during WW2.

Thank you for emailing in your family photos and press clippings too – it has really helped the children to understand the human stories within the war.

We found out about one Great Grandad who joined the RAF when he was 19 and during the war was mainly stationed in America training other pilots, as well as another Great Grandad who served in the Navy and helped to liberate Australian prisoners of war.

P6 Robotics and Mathematics Newton Module

P6 had a really stimulating day exploring different ways to estimate, calculate and measure distances and then use LEGO MINDSTORMS robots to assess their accuracy.

In the morning they had to calculate the circumference of their robot’s wheels and discovered that this was the same as one rotation of the wheel. It was really interesting to see the range of methods employed to measure the wheels! Pupils then had to estimate how far the robot would travel after 3, 5.4 and/or 10 rotations.

The middle of the day saw a challenge in precision programming – which team could get their robot as close the the LEGO figure as possible without knocking him over? Each team were allowed 3 attempts, and were encouraged to improve their programming between each go. Some children held their breath as they watched to see how close their robot would get! The winning pair got within 5mm!

In the afternoon session, they had to plot a course around the perimeter of shapes. This involved a great deal of trial and error. It was a great activity for building resilience and problem solving skills.

Huge thanks to Linsay at Inverness Newton Room and all at @SSASTEM

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