Praise for our Daily Mile!

Mr Macleod came up with a great idea to refresh The Daily Mile during our Health Week – each class was to try to complete a virtual Loch Ness 360, equivalent to about 80 miles. Between 10th – 13th January, we tracked the distance that we covered as a class doing The Daily Mile. P6/7 jogged/ran 128 miles in 4 days, smashing the target! Miss Mullin decided to tweet about it…

We were delighted to see the response from The Daily Mile UK!

Very well done P6/7!

The goal this term is to increase the amount of jogging and running that we do during the 15 minutes.  The Daily Mile website says:

“The children go at their own pace. Done properly, it’s not a walk – able-bodied children should aim to run or jog for the full 15 minutes with only occasional stops to catch their breath, if necessary.”

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