Day of support for Ukraine

Last Friday (25th March) was our day of support for Ukraine. Thank you very much for your kind donations.

The children prepared for this over a couple of weeks.

They began by sketching sunflowers and thistles.

Mrs Laird worked with the children to use different watercolour techniques to turn their sketches into paintings. The children also designed and made their own seed packets for their sunflower seeds.

Last Friday, many children came to school dressed in the colours of the Ukraine flag.

We hope you enjoy planting your sunflower seeds and watching them grow!

P6/7 have expressed a lot of concern about what is happening in Ukraine. They are particularly concerned with the plight of children there. Following guidance from a number of UK children’s charities, we have spent some time exploring the Newsround website and discussing our concerns.

Advice for children if they are upset by the news:

Article 7: Children have the right to acquire a nationality and, as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by their parents.
Article 38: Children in war zones should receive special protection.
Article 22: Children who are refugees have the right to special protection and help. Refugee children are entitled to all the rights in the Convention wherever they are.

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