Decisions, decisions, decisions

On the 14th, 17th and 18th of March, P6/7 had lots of decision to make!

Firstly, they had to decide which historical period they’d like to concentrate on in the coming weeks.

As you can see, World War 2 was the historical period that most of the class were interested in.

Then, the pupils had to work in small groups to share what they knew already about the topic, and come up with some interesting research questions. They came up with 15 really good questions but we knew we wouldn’t have time to answer them all, so pupils were asked to vote for 4.

This poll ended with several questions tied for fourth place, so then the pupils had to share their point of view by ranking the 7 most popular questions in order of importance to them. This helped us to narrow down our research focus to just 4 questions.

We’ll be focussing on one question per week.

This week, we’ve been learning about how the war began. Maybe your child could tell you about it!

BBC Teach has proved to be a very useful source:

We’d welcome any WW2 books or artefacts to help with our research!

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