Fairtrade Fortnight 2022

We started Fairtrade Fortnight by completing “Placemat” activities about Fairtrade and Climate Change. Pupils worked in trios or quads to jot down everything they remembered about each issue. They then had to agree in their groups which three facts to report back to the rest of the class. In each group, each person had a different role. One was the timekeeper, one was the chairperson, one was the recorder and one was the reporter. As you can see, everyone contributed to their groups and it was a very busy session!

The following week, children watched a series of four short films about how the climate crisis is affecting Fairtrade farmer. The films stimulated a lot of good discussion about the importance of climate justice to the Fairtrade movement. The link to the first episode is below:


This slide really got the pupils thinking – it’s something we’re going to take action on – you’ll find out more next term!

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