P6 Robotics and Mathematics Newton Module

P6 had a really stimulating day exploring different ways to estimate, calculate and measure distances and then use LEGO MINDSTORMS robots to assess their accuracy.

In the morning they had to calculate the circumference of their robot’s wheels and discovered that this was the same as one rotation of the wheel. It was really interesting to see the range of methods employed to measure the wheels! Pupils then had to estimate how far the robot would travel after 3, 5.4 and/or 10 rotations.

The middle of the day saw a challenge in precision programming – which team could get their robot as close the the LEGO figure as possible without knocking him over? Each team were allowed 3 attempts, and were encouraged to improve their programming between each go. Some children held their breath as they watched to see how close their robot would get! The winning pair got within 5mm!

In the afternoon session, they had to plot a course around the perimeter of shapes. This involved a great deal of trial and error. It was a great activity for building resilience and problem solving skills.

Huge thanks to Linsay at Inverness Newton Room and all at @SSASTEM

To find out more, visit https://www.scienceskillsacademy.co.uk/

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