P7s at Fairburn

On Monday (9th May) the P7s had a great first day at Fairburn.

In the morning the P7s worked in two teams, the lions and tigers, and each had a go at archery with Bea or “B” and orienteering with Finlay.

In archery, Bea taught us how to correctly hold the bow and fire arrows. Everyone started to improve with practise. We then had to “bake a cake” by aiming for specific colours. This meant we had to think about how to adjust our aim. We also played a game about where we’d go on our holidays, who we’d go with, and what activities we’d do there. Miss Mullin was delighted to be going on holiday with 4 pupils. They were not so impressed! Our last archery activity was a competition – we had to add up our scores over 2 or 3 rounds.

When we did orienteering, Finlay showed us how to orientate our maps using significant features of the landscape around us. We worked in teams and had 13 points to find and stamp our score sheets with. This was a very challenging activity but the teams showed great perseverance, some trying 3 or 4 times to find a specific point.

After devouring our hearty packed lunches, we spent the afternoon learning how to build survival shelters. The most effective ones were where the team had used the natural features of the landscape to their advantage, saving them energy in building the shelter. You can see the shelters taking shape as you go through the photos. After touring each others’ shelters, we finished the day learning about the “fire triangle” and tried a bit of fire lighting!

On the bus on the way home, we sang songs and tried the fruit pastille challenge!

There are more photos to look at in this blog post:

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